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25 Count, sized varied on purpose to create a more genetic diverse starter culture but I try to include the largest available. 


Rarer roach species that while easy to keep requires a substrate like coconut fiber to burrow. Thrives in a bioactive setup! Often used as a composting roach. Nymphs start out slightly smaller than dubia but grow quickly and adults get larger than dubia roaches. Unlike dubia, both the male and female adult Orange Heads have large semi-transulcent wings. Do produce a "stink" when bothered that does turn some people off. I compare it to bad BO with a hint of McD's garbage. A little stanky, a little sour. Still better than crickets!  


Why Orange Heads?

  • non-climbing
  • non-flying
  • fast moving to trigger prey drive
  • fast producing
  • medium nymphs and above are meatier bodied than dubia
  • adults get larger than dubia roaches
  • nymphs have a striking maroon color
  • great roach species to try for a pet gone off food!! 
  • less smell/better smell than crickets
  • does well in crowded spaces but will nip each others wings if food sources lack nutrients
  • pet quality roach with feeder quality ease of care


Providing a variety of feeders is a great enchrichment technique! Having multiple roach species on hand allows you to do this without compromising nutritional value!

25 Orange Head Roach Nymphs